Louise Dylan Interview – Vicky B. Online Exclusive!

Louise Dylan Interview – Vicky B. Online Exclusive!


Darren Darnborough is an actor, writer and producer who started his professional career in various musicals at the Riverside Studios and the Westminster Theatre in London, England.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Darren conquered TV and film with guest-starring roles in the UK’s ‘EastEnders‘ as well as HBO‘s ‘True Blood‘ and will be appearing in ‘Redemption: The Darkness Descending‘ which stars Danny Trejo.

Vicky B. Online got a recent opportunity to chat with Darren about his professional career and what he’s been up to lately.

Check out Vicky B. Online’s exclusive interview with Darren after the jump…

VB: You’re an actor, writer and entrepreneur. Is there anything you don’t do?
DD: Sleep! And answer questions in a timely fashion, hahah! Seriously though, I feel as though you have to do it all, in order to be fully productive, and satisfy your creative juices. A friend once called me a Neophile (which I quite like) which is a personality type characterized by a strong affinity for novelty. It’s true, I kind of want to be it all. When I was little, my cartoon hero was Mr Benn, so go figure.

VB: How has your first year in LA been? Was the transition difficult?
DD: I’ve actually been here 6 years now, but my first year was great thanks! Technically, the transition was difficult – there was a lot to prepare for, mentally, emotionally, legally and financially. But once I’d got my visa, and made the decision, living in a new place was exhilarating. I only knew one person living in LA at the time, so it was a change – I did miss things and people at home, but ultimately I threw myself into the new life here, and LA can be a verrrrrry enjoyable place when you do that.

VB: You have been featured in top TV shows like ‘True Blood‘ and ‘EastEnders,’ is there a show currently out there that you would love to be on?
DD: I’m obsessed with ‘Breaking Bad,’ I think it is the best TV show of all time. So there’s my number 1. Also, the ‘Walking Dead‘ comes close, and considering half the cast are Brits, there’s no reason why not!

VB: You have been tweeting recently about your upcoming movie, ‘The Darkness Descending,’ can you elaborate more on the upcoming film?
DD: This is a very interesting project and one I’m closely involved in as I’m also a producer on it. I play the character of Ajax, opposite cult film legend Danny Trejo (‘Machete‘). The story is multi-platform, so will be a film, a web-series, and a social gaming app all at once. It’s set in the hidden underground subway tunnels of NYC, where a large homeless community lives, and follows a documentary maker (played by the awesome Kinga Phillips) as she discovers the relationships, secrets and interactions deep underground. It was a very exciting project to work on, and I’m very much looking forward to the release. We shot in a derelict warehouse in Downtown LA, and some scenes in New York and it was an intense but rewarding shoot with some great talent.

VB: Who are your biggest influences in film? Is there someone you are dying to work with?
DD: I draw influence from so many angles and there are so many performances I admire – from Nic Cage’s turn in ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ to (as mentioned) Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad.’ I love the work of Scorsese. I am particularly partial to thrillers, and films that use Vegas as a backdrop. I love the mature British set of actors we have right now, such as Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy etc – they are just fantastic. So in short, no one person, but if I had to pick, to shoot with Spielberg or Scorsese would be a dream, just because of the romantic notion of having watched their work growing up.

VB: What can your fans looks forward to from you in the future?
DD: I am about to embark on my directorial debut which I am very excited about. It’s a film called ‘Stefano Formaggio‘ which I wrote, and it stars the stunning and very talented Alice Greczyn. Following that, we are working on a feature film version of our web series ‘Andy & Chaz Bugger Off To America‘ which will be a lot of fun – you can check out the series at www.andyandchaz.com. And of course, look out for ‘The Darkness Descending‘ too. We’ll be hanging out at Cannes Film Festival and Comic Con San Diego with a few announcements about that, so keep an eye out.

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