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LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub – REVIEW & PHOTOS

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub

What it is: An all natural lip scrub made with sweet castor sugar and fresh peppermint to help get rid of dry skin on your lips and leave them feeling silky smooth.

Why I like it: Not only will your lips taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream, the scrub will leave your lips looking healthy. I decided to buy the lip scrub after the brutal winter we had and non of my home-made lips scrubs were helping my dry lips. After testing this out once, I was very impressed. All my dry skin on my lips was gone, my lips felt super soft and I didn’t have to exfoliate again till the next week. The best part is that you only need a pea size amount so that jar should last you quite some time.


Botanical Green Earth Skin Care – REVIEW & PHOTOS Botanical Green Earth Skin Care - Review & Photos

What it is: Botanical Green Earth Skin Care is a skin care line produced locally in Ontario, Canada. The collection is based on botanical ingredients; maintaining a high standard of product quality.

Why I like it: Very rare will you find a skin care line where they show the complete list of ingredients right on the bottle. I love that the line is all natural. The toner is alcohol free and made of deionized water, and botanicals including chamomile flowers (suiting to the skin), marigold, and horsetail herb. The cleanser contains deionized water, dill seed, and aloe plant.

I personally got to test out the cleanser and toner. The cleanser which is non foamy and more of a milky type of cleanser helps remove makeup and it is great for washing the face at night for both men and women. You can follow the cleanser with the botanical toner. I actually loved the toner because it was so calming on my face and it was gentle enough to use on my eyes.

The botanical cream is also naturally produced, though it was a little to thick on my face, I would recommend it for anyone who has very dry and non-oily skin.

Where to buy/pricing: Retail price, $39 for a 250 ml bottle of either the cleanser or toner.

You can purchase the skin care line at Etsy, direct link here.

For more information and testimonials, visit and “LIKE” the Green Earth Skin Care Facebook page.

Green Earth Skin Care is looking into expanding into local stores and salons in the GTA and Canada.  For store, salon owners we offer wholesale pricing on products.

You can contact Green Earth Skin Care directly by email as well at:


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