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DIY Target Inspired Spooky Mini Pumpkins

DIY Target Inspired Spooky Mini Pumpkins | Vicky B. TV

I am obsessed with Halloween decor, I don’t know why I love the holiday so much, but there is something enchantingly wicked about it. Every year I try to come up with some clever pumpkin decorating ideas and this year I was inspired by Target‘s spooky mini pumpkins.

While Target’s pumpkins are faux pumpkins, I decided to use real mini pumpkins that I bought at the grocery store. I think these pumpkins give the Halloween decor a more glam look. What do you guys think?


4 Ways to Make Your Pumpkins Last All Season Long

Make Your Pumpkins Last All Season Long

Fall is my favorite time of the year, with autumn’s sweet breeze and the beautiful foliage, what’s not to love about this beautiful season? With Halloween fast approaching, you want to make sure that your pumpkins last all season long.

Bacteria, oxidation, and dehydration all cause a pumpkin to rot. The best way to preserve your pumpkins is by keeping them sanitized, cool, and moist.

If you’re planning on carving your pumpkins or just decorating them uncarved, you first want to make sure you remove the dirt from the exterior. The best way to do that is by wiping your pumpkin with a damp cloth.


DIY: Glitter Skull Head Halloween Centerpiece

DIY Glitter Skull Head Halloween Centerpiece

Can you all believe it’s already Fall? I am so excited because Fall is my favourite season and Halloween is my favourite holiday (other than Christmas, of course). This year, I am starting early with Halloween decor and this is officially my first Halloween DIY project of the season.

I love skulls for Halloween decor and I was recently inspired by some Halloween decorations I saw at Pottery Barn. I decided to create a glitter skull head with a flameless tealight placed inside of it for a spooky-riffic centerpiece.

Glitter Skull Head Covered in Spiders


DIY Gold Personalized Pencils

Gold Personalized Pencils

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a new blog post but I am back with a vengeance. Those of you who read my blog regularly or read my About page know that I also a co-founder of a startup so it can get pretty hectic. It’s almost back-to-school time and even if you’re not going back-to-school, my newest DIY post can be used to glam up your desk at the office.

When I was younger, one of my favourite things about back-to-school was heading to the store to buy new school supplies (a girl could never have enough sparkly pens and pencils). I thought, how fun would it be to take boring HB 2 pencils and glam them up?! In addition, why not empower yourself with some encouraging messages to get you through the day.

These pencils are so easy to make and they’re super pretty, so grab your HB 2 pencils and some spray paint and let’s get painting!


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