Definitely Shoes, Like No Others – Rollasole Review

If you’re like me and you love wearing heels when you go out to a club but as the night goes on you wish you could just take them off and walk barefoot then you’re in luck.

Enter the Rollasole – a super stylish ballet flat that rolls up and fits perfectly in your handbag. It’s honestly a ready-when-you-are-accessory and I couldn’t be more grateful to the man who developed this unique idea.

I wore them for the first time on New Year’s and they slipped on my feet perfectly, almost feeling like Cinderella and the glass slipper. Not only do I love the different colours that these flats come in (Gold, Black, Silver, Red, Pink, Leopard and Striped) but I love the bag that it comes with. The bag rolls up with the shoes but once you decided to switch from your 5″ heels to your flats, you just place your heels in the bag for an easier hold.

I did notice one thing, women usually carry small clutches when they go out and once rolled up these flats are a little bulky so you’re going to have to bring a bigger purse with you. However keep in mind these fun flats are also great to keep around the office, take them with you when you travel and even keep them in your car for a shoe emergency.

Check out the photos I took for you all of my leopard pair!

Rollasole was kind enough to provide all my fabulous readers a 10% off at checkout if you purchase one of their flats.

So don’t forget to enter the promo code “QUEENB” at checkout to get your discount but hurry because the discount only lasts till January 16th!! CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING!