DIY Beauty: Detox Water Recipe For Clear Skin

Detox Water For Clear Skin

Out with the old and in with the new. With spring on the horizon, it’s time to get rid of that dull wintery dry skin.

With a few simple ingredients, you can detoxify your body and help achieve clear beautiful skin.

Here’s what you need:

1 medium cucumber – Cucumbers are already an excellent source of hydration as they are made mostly from water. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties.

1 medium sized lemon – Lemon has great detoxification properties. It helps cleanse and alkalize the body.

10-12 mint leaves – Not only does mint aid in digestion, it also gives this recipe a fresh crisp taste.


First, cut up your cucumber and lemon in thin slices. Next, add the cucumber, lemon and mint into a pitcher and fill with water. I always like to scrunch the mint up a little before putting it into the pitcher to make sure the flavor really stands out. Lastly, refrigerate over night.

In the morning, you will have a refreshing cup of water that will not only make you feel good but also help clear your skin.

Glammies, have YOU tried this recipe yet? If you have any other detox water recipes, let me know in comments below! Would love to hear from you.