DIY: Holiday Cup Sleeve

DIY Starbucks Red Cup Holiday Sleeve | Vicky B. TV

Earlier this month, Starbucks introduced a minimalistic version of their annual red holiday cup. Gone are the snowflakes and snowmen designs, instead Starbucks opted for a plain red cup with just their logo on it.

I took this opportunity to get inspired and I created my own holiday cup sleeve that is sure to bring some Christmas cheer every time you look at it. You can easily recreate this design or come up with your own. With just a few supplies, you can give your cup a whole new look.




Starbucks cup or any drinking cup
Metallic gold craft paper
Plaid craft paper
Red glitter craft paper
Cricut machine
Tape or strong glue

*Krafty Tip: If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can easily just trace the deer head silhouette and nose onto craft paper and cut it out by hand.*




1. Cut a strip of metallic gold craft paper. Wrap it around the cup and cut off any extra length. Tape the ends of the strip together in the back, so the strip stays wrapped around the cup.

2. Pick your craft paper for the deer head. I googled a deer head silhouette and uploaded it to my Cricut Design Space. I then used my Cricut to cut the silhouette out. Depending on your cup size, make sure your deer head is not too big or not too small.

3. Next, use red glitter stock to cut out a small circle for Rudolph’s nose.

4. Glue on Rudolph’s nose to the deer head silhouette, then glue the deer head to the gold sleeve.

That’s it, wasn’t that easy?! You can have so much fun with your cup, the creative possibilities are endless. The sleeve is reusable, so you can use it on all types of cups, you can even make these sleeves for a holiday party.

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DIY Starbucks Red Cup Holiday Sleeve | Vicky B. TV