DIY Olive Oil and Sea Salt Body Scrub For the Softest Skin, Ever!

Sea salt and olive oil body scrub

Salt scrubs are one of the easiest DIY treatments that you can make and they’re super effective. These past few weeks, I have been scrubbing my body with sea salt and olive oil and my skin has never felt softer. This recipe is so easy (only two ingredients) that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

In addition, find out how you can substitute shaving gel with olive oil for the smoothest legs ever!




Small bowl
1/4 Cup of olive Oil
1/4 Cup of sea salt




1. In a small bowl, mix olive oil and sea salt together. Add more sea salt if needed to create a scrub texture.

2. Use body scrub all over your body, focusing on elbows and knees. This scrub is guaranteed to leave your skin extra smooth.

Extra tip: Use olive oil on its own instead of shaving gel. It works wonders for the legs.

Hope you guys love this easy DIY scrub. Let me know what you think of the scrub and if you have any other scrub recipes, let me know in comments below!