DIY: Valentine’s Day Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles

Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only for couples, it’s a great day to show the women in your life, like your best friends, sisters and your mom how much you love them. And what better way to do that than to host a Valentine’s Day party/brunch in honour of them!

I’m convinced these adorable mini glitter champagne bottles will definitely be the centre of attention at your next party. Serve to your guests during the party or you can hand them out at the end as party favours.

Mini Champagne Bottles
Mod Podge or Spray Glue
Glitter (different colours)
Clear Sealer
Valentine’s Day Paper Embellishments

1. Before I applied the glue, I planned out how I wanted to display the glitter. After you plan out your glitter, apply Mod Podge or spray glue just below the neck of the bottle and sprinkle gold glitter. I started off there so that I can use the neck to hold the bottle while I was gluing the glitter on.

2. On a paper plate, mix gold and purple glitter together. Apply more glue just below the gold glitter and apply the mixed glitter.

3. Finish off the bottom of the bottle by applying purple glitter.

4. Next, I went and applied glue on the neck of the bottle and sprinkled gold glitter so that it all blends in.

5. Lastly, spray the bottles with a sealer to keep glitter in place.

6. For the tags, I used pink hearts that I purchased at Michaels. I hole punched the hearts, scribbled “Drink Me” on them and tied them to the bottles with twine.

If you love these champagne bottles, then you will love these Pop, Fizz, Clink glitter stir sticks.


Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles For Valentine's Day