DIY: Glamorous Rhinestone Monogram Pumpkin

DIY Glamorous Rhinestone Monogram Pumpkin

There is nothing like adding a little sparkle and glitter to your pumpkin this Halloween season.

Inspired by Michaels craft store website, I decided to re-create this rhinestone monogram pumpkin but with a sparkly twist.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can personalize your pumpkin and add a little glitziness to your Halloween decor this season.


White Plastic Pumpkin
Rhinestone Monogram Decals
Mod Podge
Small Paint Brush


1. First, apply Mod Podge with your paint brush all over the pumpkin stem.

2. Next, pick a glitter colour and sprinkle glitter all over the stem. The glitter will stick to wherever you put the Mod Podge.

3. For the rhinestone decals, make sure you plan out where you want the decals to go beforehand because once they stick, you won’t really be able to reposition them.

4. Place your decals on the pumpkin.

5. Voila, now you have a glamorous monogramed pumpkin. Pretty, right?!

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Happy Spooking!



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