DIY: Glitter Skull Head Halloween Centerpiece

DIY Glitter Skull Head Halloween Centerpiece

Can you all believe it’s already Fall? I am so excited because Fall is my favourite season and Halloween is my favourite holiday (other than Christmas, of course). This year, I am starting early with Halloween decor and this is officially my first Halloween DIY project of the season.

I love skulls for Halloween decor and I was recently inspired by some Halloween decorations I saw at Pottery Barn. I decided to create a glitter skull head with a flameless tealight placed inside of it for a spooky-riffic centerpiece.

Glitter Skull Head Covered in Spiders


Resin skull
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Fine black glitter
Flameless LED tealight

*For those of you wondering, I bought the Book of Spells Halloween decor set from Michaels.*



Glitter skull head Halloween centerpiece tutorial

1. Start off by applying Mod Podge to your skull. Apply the Mod Podge one section at a time.

Apply black glitter to skull head.

2. Once you apply Mod Podge to a section, sprinkle black glitter. Work your way around the skull with the Mod Podge and glitter until the whole skull is covered in black glitter.

3. To hold the glitter in place, use a clear sealer.

4. For a spooky effect, add a flameless LED tealight inside the skull.

DIY Glitter Skull Head Halloween Decor

Glitter Skull Head Halloween Centerpiece

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