DIY Gold Spray Painted Makeup Brush Holder

Gold spray painted makeup brush holder

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to post something new on the blog, some of you may know that I also run a tech startup and these past few weeks have been really hectic. On a brighter note, I am so excited to be sharing my newest DIY project with you all. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait for you guys to see what I came up with.

A few weeks back, I created a gold spray painted vase for my best friend’s birthday, I posted the photo on Instagram and some of you were interested in a tutorial. I thought, how cool would this design look on a smaller glass cylinder that I can use as a makeup brush holder?

With just a few steps, you can create a glam makeup brush holder (or vase), it’s the perfect addition to your vanity or as a gift.




Glass Cylinder Vase
Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Tape
Martha Stewart Crafts Scrolls Adhesive Stencils
Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Gold

DIY Gold spray painted makeup brush holder materials




1. Wash and dry your glass cylinder. To make sure there is no oily residue on the glass cylinder, wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Let dry for 15-30 mins.

2. Plan out where you want your stencil and stencil tape to go. Once you do that, start applying the stencil and stencil tape to mask off areas. I also used paper towel to cover half the glass and held it in place with the stencil tape.

Gold Spray Painted Makeup Brush Holder Tape Stenciling

3. Now comes the fun part, spray paint it gold (I did three coats). This spray dries super fast so no need to wait long between coats. Also, don’t follow my lead, use gloves when doing this. I didn’t have any and took the risk. If you do end up getting spray paint on your skin, click here to see how to get it off without using harsh chemicals.

Makeup brush holder spray painted gold

4. Once you finished spray painting and the paint feels dry, gently peel off the tape and stencil.

5. Now you have a beautiful and glam makeup brush holder!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what you want me to create next, in comments below! 


Gold spray painted makeup brush holder

Close-up of gold spray painted makeup brush holder

Gold Spray Painted Makeup Brush Holder


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought all the materials myself.