DIY: Holiday Chalkboard Jar Candle

Holiday Chalkboard Jar Candle

It’s that magical time of the year. I’m kicking off the month of December with this fun holiday  chalkboard jar candle project.

This candle looks beautiful as a centrepiece on the dining table during Christmas dinner or you can make several of these and assign spots at the dinner table by writing your guests’ names on the jar.


Holiday Chalkboard Jar Candle Project Materials

Ashland Jar Candle
Chalkboard Paint 
Glamour Dust
(I actually didn’t end up using it for this project but if you’d like, you can mix it in with the Snow-Tex to add some glitter to the fake snow)
Pine Branch

You can find all of the materials at your nearest Michaels craft store.


1. Remove candle label. Next, with a cotton pad, swipe the exterior of the candle jar with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol with act as a great adhesive for the chalkboard paint.

2. Next, paint the jar with chalkboard paint. Two coats should be sufficient. I did three coats because I wanted to make sure no glass was peeking through the paint. Wait one hour between coats. Wait 24hrs to completely dry.

Jar Candle Painted With Chalkboard Paint

3. Next, use twine to wrap around the top of the candle. Wrap the twine just below the rim of the candle. It gives the candle a more rustic look plus I felt the pine branches held better when I glue gunned them to the twine.

4. Now comes my favourite part, the decorating! Use the pine branch to decorate the candle.

5. Once you decorated the candle to your liking, you can now write with the chalk. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can always erase it and start again. (That’s the beauty of chalk).

5. Lastly, to add a wintery effect, I used the Snow-Tex and applied it with my fingers to the rim of the candle. I also used a brush to swipe some Snow-Tex on the pine branches.

Hope you all enjoyed this festive tutorial, let me know what you think of this project in comments below!