Hot Trends: Makeup Bars – Are They the New Blowout Bars?

Would you pay a professional to do your makeup for a dinner, a business meeting or a big date?

Well just like bow-dry bars for hair, makeup bars are the newest trend where time-starved and image-conscious women book an appointment for a flat fee of about $40 and a professional makeup artist will apply a full face of makeup  in about 45 minutes.

Some of these makeup bars also offer special services, like eyelash extensions and airbrush application of foundation which are available for an extra cost.

Nowadays women, more than ever, feel the need to be camera-ready at all times, thanks to the influence of pop culture and mainly to cellphone cameras.

For now makeup bars in Los Angeles and Atlanta are the first to introduce this type of new service, “You have to be in a demographic where women care about makeup and care about their looks and care about the whole package,” says Allison Conrad, president of Blushington in West Hollywood, CA.

So what do you think glammies, are makeup bars helpful to our esteem or hurtful? Sound off in comments below!