How to Remove Spray Paint From Skin

How to Remove Spray Paint From Skin | Vicky B. TV

I’ve been on a huge spray painting kick lately and when I recently did my gold makeup brush holder tutorial (you check it out here), I didn’t have any gloves and got spray paint all over my hands.

Though the gold colour looked amazing on my nails (I need to find a gold nail polish that looks exactly like that), I had to figure out a way to remove the spray paint off of my hands without using harsh stripping agents.

Most spray paints are oil-based, knowing that I decided to try oil-based products to get the spray paint off. I started off with olive oil first (olive oil is my go-to for everything), I poured some olive oil on a cotton pad and starting scrubbing my hands with it. I noticed a little of the spray paint started coming off but not as much as I hoped for. I then decided to use baby oil, this one did the trick. I put some baby oil on a cotton pad and within a few seconds, the spray paint started to come off completely.

Gold Spray Paint on Skin

Now, whenever I spray paint without gloves, I just use a bit of baby oil and it comes right off.

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Also, if any of you know a great gold nail polish, let me know in comments!