Fashion Spotlight: Interview With Shop For Jayu Designer Sally Han & Giveaway!

designer sally han shows off pregnancy style in blush pink dress

Sally Han, a Toronto based jewelry designer found her passion for making jewelry at the young age of 19. Since then, she has launched two jewelry brands, Shop For Jayu along with its sister brand Pslams 91:1 Accessories.

Han’s Shop For Jayu collection, which offers fashionable, trendy and bold designs at super affordable prices is currently being sold at numerous stores across Toronto and was recently picked up by Anthropologie in the U.S.

One thing that really inspired me about Sally is that she takes the opportunity to give back, with her Pslams 91:1 Accessories line, she creates jobs for widows and marginalized individuals in Africa, Korea, Canada and beyond.

I chatted with Sally about everything from her pregnancy (she’s expecting her first child, a baby girl!), fashion and of course she dished on her new holiday collection.

VB: First off, congratulations on your pregnancy! Now that you’re expecting a little girl, could we expect a kids jewelry line in the future?

SH: Thanks Vicky! I’m so excited for our first baby girl! I definitely will have to look into some kid’s jewelry inspired by our girl, or even cute head bands for infants!

VB: How has your style changed since you’ve become pregnant?

SH: Oh great question! I struggle every day, because I refuse to go into the maternity clothing stores (I’m being super closed minded about it, I know there are great stuff out there) but I love how some of my dresses and big sweaters look with this belly! I feel proud to be pregnant and confident to show it off. So, lots of tight one-pieces!

VB: Let’s talk about the new Shop For Jayu collection. What inspired this collection?

SH: Our Holiday Collection is our newest and first collection to launch during the holidays! I was inspired by the festive events I’ve attended in the past, the way women dress during the winter time and just the glitz glam and sparkle that the holidays represent! My favorite holiday is Christmas, for me it’s a celebration of our King Jesus’ birth!

VB: What is your favourite piece from the new collection?

SH: My favourite jewel is our two sided Holly studs! Love how glam and a statement piece it is, and you can use the pearl backing as a backing for all your other studs which makes it so versatile!

VB: What are some of your favourite materials to work with?

SH: For my own designs The Psalms Collection, I like to work with wire and vintage finds.

VB: You made your jewelry very affordable, why is it important to keep your jewelry on the more affordable end?

SH: I think everyone deserves to wear well crafted, high quality designs. I don’t believe in over pricing for the sake of the brand but being genuine to our customers.

VB: Your Jayu jewelry line is featured in Anthropologie stores across the US, if you could choose one fashion designer to collaborate with, who would it be?

SH: I would love to collaborate with one of my favourite designers – Jason Wu. His designs are wearable, classy and his clothing makes any woman feel confident.

VB: Did you always want to design jewelry?

SH: Not at all. My dream has always been to work in the film industry which I am still involved it. I discovered my passion for jewelry design when I was 19 years old.

VB: When you first started out, who were some of your inspirations?

SH: I would say…my dad was my inspiration who was a designer during my childhood and teenage years. Also my friends that I’ve made in Namibia, Africa during my first mission trip.

VB: What is the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own?

SH: I have a gold tiny necklace I wear every day which I never take off. Unfortunately, it is not my own design but it’s my mom’s necklace. I will probably wear it till I die!

VB: What is the best style tip you ever received?

SH: The best style tip I remember is, think outside of the box and you don’t need to be matchy!

VB: Let’s talk Sally-off duty, what are some of your favourite stores to shop in Toronto?

SH: That’s a hard one…there are lots of amazing boutiques here in Toronto! I love Girl Friday, Coal Miners Daughter, Fitzroy Boutique and The Drake General Store. There’s also Risque Clothing, Poor Little Rich Girl and Lou Lou Boutique in Unionville. All these stores carry our line as well as other amazing Canadian labels!

VB: What are your three beauty must-haves?

SH: My face midst spray by NuSkin, Bronzer from Clinique and “Just Superb” MAC lipgloss.

VB: What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a jewelry line?

SH: I would say…express yourself and share your story through your line. There is no one like you, and everyone wants something unique!

I would like to thank Sally for taking the time to chat with me. Click through the gallery to check out some of the pieces from Shop For Jayu’s Holiday Collection! To shop the collection, click here.

Also, I am giving away the North Clear necklace (third necklace in the gallery) to one lucky reader, thanks to Sally! All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter, below the gallery. GOOD LUCK, my pumpkins! 

*Contest closes November 30th, 2014. Contest is open ONLY to Canada and the United States.*


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