4 Ways to Make Your Pumpkins Last All Season Long

Make Your Pumpkins Last All Season Long

Fall is my favorite time of the year, with autumn’s sweet breeze and the beautiful foliage, what’s not to love about this beautiful season? With Halloween fast approaching, you want to make sure that your pumpkins last all season long.

Bacteria, oxidation, and dehydration all cause a pumpkin to rot. The best way to preserve your pumpkins is by keeping them sanitized, cool, and moist.

If you’re planning on carving your pumpkins or just decorating them uncarved, you first want to make sure you remove the dirt from the exterior. The best way to do that is by wiping your pumpkin with a damp cloth.

Soaking Your Pumpkins in Bleach Solution

If you’re planning on carving your pumpkin, carve it out first, then soak it in a bleach solution (1 tsp. of bleach + 3.8 litres of water), for about five minutes. After soaking your pumpkin, let it air dry in room temperature, then you can continue to spray the cut areas daily with a mild bleach solution.

Bleach Solution in a Spray Bottle

Another great way to keep your pumpkins clean is by creating a mild bleach solution (water + bleach) in a spray bottle. Spray the cuts on your pumpkin daily, this is a great follow-up step after soaking your pumpkins in bleach. You can also use the bleach spray solution to cleanse your mini pumpkins and wipe them with a damp cloth.


Vaseline has some incredible uses, and it’s also a great way to keep your pumpkins moist. Petroleum jelly is water repellent so it will seal-in the natural moisture. You can also apply Vaseline to the exterior of your uncarved pumpkins to give them that shiny glow.

Pumpkin Fresh Spray

Lastly, another great way to preserve your pumpkins, you can purchase a spray like Pumpkin Fresh that is specifically made to keep carved pumpkins from rotting. It’s a fungicidal solution that preserves and protects your pumpkins from mold.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and happy carving! Looking for a Halloween tutorial? Check out my DIY glitter skull head centerpiece, here.

What are your favorite solutions that keep your pumpkins lasting longer?