DIY: Mini Glitter Pumpkins

glittered mini pumpkin

Get ready to add some much-needed sparkle to your fall decor (no-carving needed). These mini glitter pumpkins look great as a centrepiece or even as place cards while you’re hosting dinner.

What I love about this project is that it’s easy to do (you can even do it with the kids) and it looks beautiful. I’ll show you all the steps how you can create your own gorgeous glittered pumpkins.


Mini Pumpkin
Mod Podge
Glitter (I used paillettes instead fine glitter)
Sponge Brush 


1. Start with a clean mini pumpkin. Apply Mod Podge all over the pumpkin in sections. I made the mistake of glittering the stem first, I recommend doing that last so that you can use the stem to hold and turn the pumpkin.

2. Start with the top section first and work your way around the pumpkin. Remember, glitter will only go where you apply the glue.

3. Apply Mod Podge where ever you missed a spot. I let some of the orange from the pumpkin peek through the glitter.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!

Glammies, let me know in comments if you want me to do a gold leaf pumpkin tutorial. You can check out the gold leaf pumpkin in the gallery.




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