Petra Bryant Chats With Vicky B. TV – Exclusive Interview

Who is Petra Bryant?

Petra Bryant is a London based Czech born actress whose passion for acting and writing will make her a name to watch out for this year.

With her first feature film as a female lead in The Disappearance of Lenka Wood,’ to ‘The Last Scout,’ ‘Fallen Eagle‘ and the upcoming rom-com, ‘Looking for George Clooney,’ Petra has proven herself that no matter what the genre, she can conquer it all.

I got the opportunity to catch up with the blonde beauty to chat about all of her upcoming projects as well as find out about some of her favourite beauty products!

The Interview

VB: First off, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. You have quite the 2014 ahead of you, how do balance everything with six new movies?

Petra Bryant: Thank you for chatting with me! Yes 2014 is going to be big and busy and I am loving it! It has been quite hard to combine private and professional life and striking the right balance. But I have to grab this opportunity and learn to compromise. Ask me how I am doing in a year’s time, ha ha.

VB: Tell me about your film debut in ‘The Disappearance of Lenka Wood,’ what was the experience like shooting the film?

Petra Bryant: ‘The Disappearance of Lenka Wood’ is my first feature film as a female lead so I was rather nervous! We filmed in New York and Turkey in some amazing locations. I am most excited about seeing the New York scenes as we shot during the 4th July celebrations. I keep saying that real blood, sweat and tears have gone into making this movie and it is so true. I twisted my ankle in Brooklyn during a rehearsal, I hurt my head in Turkey and stitches on my leg split during a fight scene. I also had to challenge my own fears of heights and water. But I have enjoyed being directed by Paul Tanter and the cast and crew were great!

VB: Did you do any physical training to prepare for the title role of Lenka?

Petra Bryant: Yes, I did. After reading the script I knew I had to in order to get through the shoot. Playing Lenka was very physical and I prepared by doing Bootcamp Pilates. My local studio has pretty intensive classes. I also ate plenty of protein and vegetables and gluten free carbs. I actually struggle gaining weight and lose it very quickly so maintaining my energy levels is tricky.

VB: You’re starring in a sci-fi film (‘The Last Scout’), a rom-com (‘Looking for George Clooney’) and the action packed (‘Fallen Eagle’), what is your favourite genre to shoot?

Petra Bryant: Action films are fun to shoot as they make me feel powerful and it’s exciting to be in the heart of action because it is pretty different from day to day life. However my heart is in comedy and I am so looking forward to shooting ‘Looking for George Clooney.’ Most serious actors wouldn’t admit they enjoy rom-com but I am unapologetic about that! Also when you shoot a comedy, you have more fun on set and there is room for improvisation. With action thriller or sci-fi, things are planned out and you have to stick to the script. 

VB: What has been your hardest role to date?

Petra Bryant: It has to be playing Lenka. She is nothing like me and was tough to play physically and mentally. I hope people will realize I am not like Lenka in real life. 

VB: If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?

Petra Bryant: I see myself as somebody who wants to do many things at the same time and a one track career isn’t for me. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, a designer, an actress, a model and a beauty magazine editor. I have dabbed into several of these whilst supporting myself through auditions. I did a work experience for IPC Media for fashion and beauty sector and I worked in pharmaceutical market research but acting and writing is my true love and passion.

VB: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Petra Bryant: Mmm, maybe the fact that I have an ugly lizard tattoo on my arm? I got it done when I was a young teenager and regret it daily! I try to hide it as it looks terrible with my cute vintage dresses. Maybe it’s time to invest into laser removal.

You also run your own fashion and beauty blog. How would you describe your style?

Petra Bryant: I would like to think that my style is kooky and eccentric. I love mixing vintage with high street and designer. I am also a last minute dresser and will change my mind just as I am leaving my house! I strive for a unique look as I don’t like wearing current trends, I like creating my own looks which have been inspired by Patricia Field’s styling on ‘Sex and the City.’ As for beauty, I am not afraid to wear multi-coloured DIY manicure. Life is too short and I like keeping it real. If you follow my blog, Girl On A Rocking Horse, you will understand! 

VB: What are your three must have beauty products?

Petra Bryant: Oooh, I can only pick three? That’s tough. I can’t live without Katherine Jackson serum (it’s custom blend by my facialist and contains finely cut hyaluronic acid). My new favourite is an alcohol and paraben free toner, Thayers. They do several types and the one I love is, “Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera.” It cleanses, hydrates and leaves my skin calm.

The third beauty product has to be Inika, a natural mineral loose foundation. It delivers the perfect flawless coverage and allows skin to breathe at the same time. I couldn’t do a red carpet without it! If I can be naughty and add another product, it would be a purple mascara. It makes my green eyes pop. Move over black mascara!

I’d like to thank Petra for giving me the opportunity to interview her, it’s been a pleasure. Definitely, must try the purple mascara, thanks for the tip. 

Make sure you all check out Petra’s lifestyle blog, Girl On A Rocking Horse.