Physique Fundamentals Detox Tea Review + GIVEAWAY

Physique Fundamentals Detox Tea

I love a good cup of tea, who doesn’t?! A few months ago, my best friend introduced me to Physique Fundamentals, a dynamic herbal-based tea company that encourages optimal health. One of the things that really intrigued me about the company was their Complexion Correction detox tea. As a beauty blogger, I love to try out various products and this tea was definitely on my “must try it” list.

Physique Fundamentals have three different types of teas, Lean Mean (detoxifying and weight loss), Clean Sweep (detoxifying and weight loss) and Complexion Correction (detoxifying). Each tea serves a different purpose, depending on what you want to achieve. I decided to start with the Complexion Correction, as I love testing out products that promise healthy, glowing skin.

Complexion Correction is high in anti-oxidants and helps treat psoriases, acne and eczema. It also encourages regeneration of skin cells and increases collagen production. Made with Rooibos tea, Burdock root, Dandelion, Rosehip, Milk Thistle and Hibiscus, the sweet smell and taste was really a treat. I drank the tea twice daily for 14 days, during the two weeks, I noticed my skin had a subtle glow and looked a lot healthier.

What’s also fabulous about Complexion Correction is that you can use the left over brewed tea leaves as a spot treatment face mask (apply to affected areas and leave on for 5-10 mins), I did this once a week.

After my two weeks testing out Complexion Correction, I decided to test out Clean Sweep next. The Clean Sweep tea is made with Cinnamon (I am obsessed with cinnamon, I sprinkle it on everything), Hawthorn leaves and flowers, Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Rose Petals and Safflower. I also drank this tea twice daily for two weeks. This tea has a stronger scent and tasted mildly spicy. The tea really helped me feel less bloated and boosted my energy. This tea is great if you’re planning on starting a new eating plan and want to detoxify the body first.

After drinking Clean Sweep for two weeks, I took a break for two weeks and then I decided to test out Lean Mean. First off, Lean Mean is great if you’re currently working out and eating clean, this tea is meant to help burn fat and that’s exactly what I felt it did. Lean Mean is made out of Iron Goddess Oolong Tea, Mulberry leaves, Rose Petals, Ginger, Raspberry, Strawberry, Papaya, Currents, and Rose Blossoms. It has a gentle floral and fruity taste and smell (if romance had a scent, this would be it). This tea suppressed my appetite and helped with those mid-day sugar cravings as well as, it boosted my energy in the afternoon.

The amazing people at Physique Fundamentals are giving one of you a chance to win a set of their delicious teas. The winner will receive a 7 day supply of all three detox teas (Lean Mean, Clean Sweep and Complexion Correction) as well as a free meal plan! All you have to do is enter below using Rafflecopter (contest ends March 8th, 2016 at 11:59 EST, winner will be contacted by email). GOOD LUCK!


Physique Fundamentals Complexion Correction Detox Tea

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