Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit

My nails never keep colour on them, probably because I am OCD about washing my hands consistently and though I love getting my nails done, I can’t fathom spending $35 every two weeks for a Shellac manicure.

Recently, one of my cousin’s recommended that I try Sally Hanson’s Miracle Gel nail polish (she couldn’t stop raving about it), so I decided to put it to the test. Plus, I love finding a great drugstore buy and dupe.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

This Miracle Gel polish promises up to 14 days of colour and shine, no UV/LED light needed, and you can remove it with regular nail polish, say bye bye to damaging acetone gel removal.

On dry, clean nails (make sure there is no oil residue on the nails), I applied three coats of the colour Birthday Suit (a perfect neutral colour) and then applied a layer of the top coat. Normally, you would only need to apply two coats but this colour is very sheer which is why I went for a third coat.

After my nails dried, I was super impressed with how professional and shiny my nails looked, they looked just like a Shellac manicure. The first four days of wearing the nail polish, my nails were perfect. No chipping and I even washed dishes and did some house work. I started noticing minor chipping on day five (pictured below) but it was so minor that I was still impressed how well the nail polish was holding up.

Not until day eight (pictured below) did I notice more significant chipping. My index finger and my thumb which you can’t really see in the photo had most of the chipping. I tried to last all 14 days but by day nine I had to take the nail polish off because the chipping started to bug me.

Overall, I have to say that though the polish didn’t last up-to 14 days, it lasted pretty well to day eight and I never experienced that with regular nail polish. The fact that you don’t have to use UV light and it’s a drugstore brand really impressed me.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit Nail Polish

24 hrs

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review Day 5

Day 5 – Very minor chipping. The nail polish is holding on strong.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review Day 8

Day 8 – More significant chipping on my index finger and thumb (which you can’t really see in this photo).

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel has tons of amazing colours (over 40 shades), I’m already eyeing some fabulous pastels for the Spring.

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Glammies, have you tried SH’s Miracle Gel? What did you think, did it last the 14 days or close to it? Let me know in comments!




Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

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