DIY Target Inspired Spooky Mini Pumpkins

DIY Target Inspired Spooky Mini Pumpkins | Vicky B. TV

I am obsessed with Halloween decor, I don’t know why I love the holiday so much, but there is something enchantingly wicked about it. Every year I try to come up with some clever pumpkin decorating ideas and this year I was inspired by Target‘s spooky mini pumpkins.

While Target’s pumpkins are faux pumpkins, I decided to use real mini pumpkins that I bought at the grocery store. I think these pumpkins give the Halloween decor a more glam look. What do you guys think?




Bag of Mini Pumpkins
Black Paint
White Paint
Gold Paint
Different Paint Brush Sizes

*Since posting my glitter skull head tutorial, I had a lot of people ask me where I got the spell books featured in the background, I bought them at Michaels.*




1. Paint two pumpkins all black, two pumpkins white, and one pumpkin gold.

2. Apply a second coat of paint to all the pumpkins.

3. Once the pumpkins are completely dry, with a thin paint brush, paint small gold circles on the black and white pumpkins, and small black circles on the gold pumpkin.

4. For the two left over pumpkins, with a thin paint brush, go over the indented ridges with gold paint. With a thicker paint brush, paint inside every other ridge with gold paint.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, happy painting! 


Black, white and gold decorated mini pumpkins

Black, white and gold painted mini pumpkins

For easy pinning, I created the image below!

DIY Target Inspired Spooky Mini Pumpkins | Vicky B. TV